If you’ve already peeked at a recipe or two, you may have noticed that (unlike some of those other recipe blogs), you won’t find a long back story before the recipes; nor will I force you to sift through my Great Aunt Sophie’s fantastique trip to France to find the ingredients. You also won’t find a ton of pictures of every step of making each dish. Most recipes will have just one picture, of either the ingredients or the finished product. I don’t know about you, but I’ve looked through a LOT of recipes online, and almost all of them when I was looking for something to COOK, not something to read. All of those long posts that explain the indulgence of each ingredient and how the poster came across them in Southern Zimbabwe on a spiritual journey are wonderful, honestly, but, they are wonderful when you are looking for a story, not trying to fend off a 6 year old who keeps asking when dinner will be ready and pretending to feint of starvation in the middle of your kitchen.

When I search for recipes, I JUST want the ingredients and the steps; maybe a picture of the dish, and a few reviews from others who have made it. I think my recipes stand on their own, and I hope you can enjoy them as much as we do. Please, when you make something I’ve posted, come back and tell me about it! Tell me how you liked it, what ingredients you changed, maybe how much money it saved you over whatever you replaced with it. I love to hear feedback; it helps me be a better cook (and blogger).

And if you are super interested in those backstories, I’ll be posting links back to blog posts at the bottom of each recipe. Just click the link and you will be magically transported to the story of that amazing trip to France, or my journey to Africa. Ok…well, maybe nothing as interesting as all that, but, at least there will be some background about how I found a recipe or why I decided to try it.

Thanks for reading!

Recipe list (in Alphabetical):

Oven Fries
Basic Granola